Discover Why Insurers Don’t Want You To Have A Lawyer

When a fire burns down your home or you are involved in a car accident,your home and auto insurers,respectively,are supposed to compensate you for your losses. However,this rarely happens. Most insurers usually take their policyholders in circles until the policyholder either gives up or accepts a mediocre offer for compensation. For instance,auto insurers usually deny liability to avoid compensating victims of auto crashes for their injuries. Others may offer a small payout,which cannot even cover medical bills or property damage. Due to desperation,the policyholder may accept the offer. Most insurance companies do not want their policyholders to be represented by sue for a car accident. The following are some of the reasons why insurers don’t want you to have a lawyer:

i) They Don’t Want You to Know Your Rights

Your rights as a policyholder are hidden in the policy document in legal jargon you cannot understand. However,lawyers are highly-trained professionals who can read and understand the fine print of your insurance policy and tell you about all your rights according to that document as well as state law. Once you know your rights,you can easily make informed decisions on the course of action to take. Since insurers do not want you to know your rights,they don’t want you to hire a lawyer.

ii) They Don’t Want You to Negotiate

Many people often think that the offer made by the insurance company is the best. In fact,insurers can do calculations and come up with the amount they are offering. Since you are a reasonable person,and you need cash quickly,you may accept the offer and give up your right to pursue the case further. If you have a lawyer,however,they can negotiate a better deal on your behalf and go to court if the insurance company is not willing to increase their offer significantly. To get the best outcomes time and again,always have a competentcar accident lawyer by your side.

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