The benefits of freedom of law

This is how the concept of royalty-free music was developed, to allow any individual to be able to listen to music freely without violating copyright composer, without having to pay anything to listen .

However, this process does not mean free, because to access this system free of rights, you will need to obtain a license. And it is only by having bought this license that you will be able to access all the music which interests you without having any counterpart to the SACEM. Especially since this license is usable in the whole world.

So, whether it’s rock , pop, international, lounge or other, you have everything you need for life, once the license is purchased.

Now this concept launched, we can have available websites that offer this access to the free of rights, to have a whole repertoire of music without any violation towards SACEM. And because a license will be mandatory, we can also expect music of very good quality and original, to allow you to perfectly enjoy access to this royalty free music.

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